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Art & wine intertwined


Welcome to my website which – the name says it all – is about the world of visual arts and wine. In my ‘art and wine tastings’ both worlds are intertwined. We’ll hear about fascinating subjects from art history and look at art works, and we’ll taste interesting wines from different countries.


Senses & emotions


When looking at art as well as tasting wine, we use all our senses. We look at the color of the wine or at a painting and listen to the bubbles of the champagne in the glass or to music. We smell wine aromas in the nose and feel and taste wine in our mouth. We can also touch sculptures and/or other three-dimensional art objects.


The functioning of our senses translates into emotions. Is the wine tasteful or less so? Are we moved by the painting or photograph that we see or does it mean nothing to us? Does information make the artwork more appealing or does the wine taste better?


Listen, look, taste and experience!


All this can be discovered in my tastings where you can meet both the art and the wine world and sharpen your senses! Are you looking as a private individual for an interesting and pleasant setting for a special (birth) day or gathering? Are you perhaps a wine merchant or restaurant who is wanting to offer your customers a tasting with an additional dimension? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss the form in which your gathering can become a special one! For more information about the topics, see ‘tasting art & wine‘.


If you would like to get to know more about the world of wine, have a look at ‘wine course’ 


Welcome, ‘Inspire your senses’!



Dorry Reuling

Art historian
Registered vinologist


“Wine is the only artwork
you can drink”

- Luis Fernando Olaverri